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Advice for Women: How to Tell If Your Man May Have a Prostate Problem




Guest Post by Margaret Keely

Men are notoriously secretive about their health. Many times, they will do everything to avoid going to the doctor, since there may be an element of fear or they may simply think they are like Superman and are immune to everything.

As a woman, you are privy to your man’s overall well being. If you live with your boyfriend or are married, you’ll be able to pick up on some signs that may clue you in to a possible problem that your man may have. He can’t be in denial if you’re keeping an eye out for his good health.

Check his bathroom activities

Does your man stand up during the meal to urinate? Does he frequently disappear to head out to the bathroom? When you’re at a party or other gathering, does he position himself near the bathroom, or does he frequently walk out to relieve himself? This is a very strong sign that there may be a problem with his prostate. Prostate problems affect the man’s ability to urinate since an enlarged prostate presses on the bladder and urethra.

Check his nocturnal bathroom trips

Does your man get up during the middle of the night to go pee? Does he do it more than once during the night? If so, this may be a clue to a problem with his prostate. While it’s normal to get up once during the middle of the night to urinate, if he does it often, especially to the point that it already disrupts his sleep, then you should encourage him to make an appointment with the doctor the next morning.

Listen to what your man is saying

Does your man say he noticed there’s a bit of blood in his urine? Do you see some blood in his semen when you have sex? Does he complain that he doesn’t feel that he has emptied his bladder completely after urinating? Does he say that he sometimes has difficulty doing so, or that he feels a bit of pressure or pain on his pelvic area? If the answer to these questions is yes, then your man is definitely being dense and needs to see a doctor right away. He may brush it off as a sign of ageing, but as a wise woman, you know that these are symptoms that shouldn’t be ignored.

If your instincts are telling you there’s something wrong, then lovingly encourage your man to visit his doctor to get a check up. If he’s over 50, then he should definitely get his prostate checked. If your man is being stubborn, perhaps you can casually mention that any problem may affect his ability to perform. That should get him to see his doctor quickly!

Just because your man experiences these symptoms doesn’t mean a death sentence. However, ignoring it can become a problem later on. The earlier something is detected, the sooner he can avail of treatment and correct any problems. Help your man take care of himself, and be his eyes and ears for his good health.

Margaret Keely is a health care advocate, educator and writer. She educates nurses by continually developing the program for nursing courses for high quality nursing education.

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